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A complete B2B/B2C EDI & API solution that includes easy trading partner onboarding, frictionless communication, AS2, analytics, and alerts… and we’re just getting started.

Possibilities happen when you’re LinQed.

Before you can manage any supply chain, gain insights, and plan accordingly, you need visibility into all parts of the supply chain. You also need to consolidate and integrate data from different sources, optimize it, and share it with ERPs. This is where we come in.

DIY or we do it for you

At PartnerLinQ, we’ve done the work to keep it simple and make it easy for you. Once we’ve connected your data and technology, we’ll show your team what it takes to monitor, collaborate, and plan with your partners. You’ll see how you can mitigate risk when you have eyes on everything.

However, if your resources are limited, our EDI managed services delivery model can help you focus on your core competencies. Our in-house team of white glove experts can manage every aspect of your information exchange with trading partners.

Either way, PartnerLinQ’s EDI solution redefines and delivers B2B/B2C connectivity by integrating your backend systems directly. We help drive your supply chain efficiency while enhancing collaboration and providing transparency, alerting, and reporting.

The perfect partner.

As a leading EDI solution provider, PartnerLinQ solves EDI integration challenges to quickly achieve end-to-end ecosystem integration for seamless data exchange and with more than 25 years of practical and tactical EDI experience and more than 323 canonical data models to draw on, we make it easy to get started quickly.

We invite you to compare us with other EDI software solutions. See how our holistic approach works around you to build flexibility and the capabilities for a diverse customer base and multiple deployment models. Because you shouldn’t have to work around how other systems are set up.

Our Capabilities

Our approach to the supply chain is holistic, with EDI software solutions as the starting point. Purpose-built to align with your workflow, our EDI solution architecture has multiple deployment models and is flexible, with complete capabilities to cater to a diverse customer base.

Resource Strain

We provide hypercare post-deployment support that lasts for 2 weeks after the system goes live. If you have limited resources, our white glove services can help balance your resource utilization by customizing the delivery model of our EDI platform to meet your specific needs. Our team is always available to assist you.


The PartnerLinQ platform is a cloud-native EDI solution that is built so it can scale effortlessly. It is designed to handle complex and large information exchanges of any scale. So whether your business hits unexpected volumes or is impacted from supply chain events, the platform will take care of that automatically.

Migration from ERP to ERP

The true value of PartnerLinQ is its ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple enterprise systems—all simultaneously, with the same license, within the same instances. We help you adapt to transaction designs, business rules, alerts, and communications even when updating the ERP. Our end-to-end EDI is purpose-built to match the unique needs of your business regardless of the endpoint and includes more than 400 Business Rules, Error Handling, & Alerting.

Customer Support

We support our products and never outsource because we support excellence. PartnerLinQ team members are selected, managed, and trained by our experts, each with an assigned mentor. We invest a lot of time and resources in training new team members. Our service teams are closely involved with the deployment of your environment prior to engaging in day-to-day operations; they are the most qualified to assist you.

EDI Costs

Subscription + Implementation + Support= Total Cost of Ownership

We believe in keeping things simple when it comes to how it’s priced. We’ll make sure you meet your goals with the budget you have. We can explain it all in detail as part of the introductory call. To keep it transparent as a customer, your platform admin can monitor costs from the dashboard and configure monthly or annual budgeting alerts.

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