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Total supply chain
control starts here.

We put innovation in your hands to build your own scalable and sustainable industry-specific supply chain ecosystem.

Our all-in-one integration platform is user-centric and AI-enabled. And it connects all your technology, data, and best practices into one access point.

Your challenges are unique.
Tailor your solution.

Supply chain management is complicated. There are disparate systems, legacy issues, siloed information, which creates inefficiencies. The PartnerLinQ platform securely brings it all together to address these challenges. You have a wide array of powerful features at your fingertips designed to get the most out of your data. So, you’re empowered to compose an integrated solution that’s unique to your industry, your business, and your needs.

Get the digital connectivity, improved visibility, and decision intelligence you need across your entire ecosystem. You’ll save valuable time, maximize ROI, and be better prepared for the unexpected. With the PartnerLinQ platform, you’re ready to unlock the possibilities.

We prioritize connectivity so you can prioritize your business.

All of the core components are accessible through our unified UI and UX dashboard. It’s intuitive and easy to read. Once you’re up to speed you’ll be able to quickly get the information you want in no time. From analytics to AI, and scheduling to data visualization, they’re all here for you to tap into.

These elements give you the flexibility to pivot and respond intelligently, based on your needs and infrastructure. Our single integration environment is designed to fully support and integrate virtually any business environment.

We make sure your supply chain is always safe and uninterrupted.

PartnerLinQ offers you peace of mind by ensuring SOC-1 and SOC-2 Type II compliance. Our platform is conveniently available on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Platforms, providing scalability and reliability for your business needs. With a flexible SaaS pay-as-you-go model and extensive Development and Configuration Studio SDK, PartnerLinQ puts you in control of your digital transformation journey.

Our platform empowers you to orchestrate
change in modern supply chains.

PartnerLinQ offers a versatile platform suitable for various industries, from manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and retail to food and beverages, apparel & footwear, and consumer goods. The platform lets businesses quickly connect with their upstream, downstream, and midstream partner ecosystem via a cloud-native platform. Our user-friendly UI/UX allows you to access all our capabilities with self-service apps, studios, and workbenches.

How it works.

As your business grows, technology redundancy happens. Along the way, legacy systems, platforms, apps, and silos of data result in too many disparate technologies in your supply chain, creating unnecessary complexity.

Our approach is different. We built our platform from scratch with every integration capability and adapter you can possibly need, so you get exactly what you’re looking for. And since our platform comes loaded with all the functions ready to go, you can get started right away. Our Connectivity and Intelligence Workbenches offer studios and applications for managing different types of internal and external data. Doing this manually is complex, but with our platform, it’s easy.

Whatever your industry, we have powerful templates designed specifically to get you started. Our platform is highly configurable and intelligently automates and simplifies the integration process. So, you’re in a better position to mitigate risks and keep your supply chain processes streamlined and simple.

A simpler approach.

We believe in setting you up for success with the right tools to manage your future needs. It’s only fair that you pay for what you use based on the volume of your transactions.

That’s why we help you compose and manage your digital supply chain based on your requirements from the get-go, and if you need to configure additional capabilities down the line, you can easily add and refine functions on your own. If you have limited resources, we offer Managed Services to take care of that.

seamless connectivity

Seamless Connectivity.

Data is everywhere these days—and there’s a lot of it. Sifting through the information overload and getting internal and external business stakeholders to collaborate can be mystifying. But it doesn’t have to be. Our team has decades of experience onboarding and integrating data, and it shows. The platform is prebuilt with 73+ enterprise systems and adapters. Keeping your data sources connected is key to building the ultimate supply chain and can help you avoid getting blindsided.

Better Visibility

Total Visibility.

To be efficient at managing supply chains, it’s critical to have eyes on everything—every step of the way. Lacking visibility means you’re driving blind. So if you can’t answer questions on the status of your cargo—where it is, how long it will take to arrive at its destination—then you can’t plan for contingencies if something goes wrong. You aren’t in a position to react. To mitigate and prevent risks, you have to anticipate. End-to-end supply chain visibility will help.

Improved Transparency

Actionable Intelligence.

You’re asked to be proactive and need to address problems quickly when something breaks. While today’s technology with ML and AI has improved, the ability to extract insights from different sources and predict potential problems before they happen is the new paradigm. Building Control Towers coupled with internal as well as external connected data and AI, we offer the ability to show multiple scenarios for contingency planning. And we can even make recommendations based on your business priorities.

Iterate your success with complete control.

The goal of designing and creating the PartnerLinQ platform is to enable you to be in charge of your supply chain. You know your unique challenges best. Using our platform, you can build a digital supply chain faster than you think with comprehensive, prebuilt capabilities specific to your industry. And then, you’ll be able to tap into total transparency to see how data and information flow. Because when you build a resilient supply chain with decision intelligence, there’s no limit to the possibilities.

The engine that enables you to orchestrate connectivity, visibility, and intelligence across your entire supply chain.

In the world of supply chain management, the big challenge is to get technologies talking with all types of data sets, and to work with different applications. That’s why our platform is built to be composable. It’s modular so you have control to integrate anything by building your ecosystem and ensuring everything is seamless.

With all its prebuilt functions, implementing PartnerLinQ is quick so you are up and running, taking care of business just as fast. With total visibility, you’ll be able to track, evaluate, automate, and plan exactly what you want to see. Use our Al-enabled platform to improve scenario planning for the unexpected, so you will always be prepared.

The power driving our platform.

Built on resilient technology and native cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure Cloud and GCP), the composability of the PartnerlinQ platform elevates business partner collaboration through accelerated onboarding and orchestrated processes. And more importantly, it delivers intelligent insights across your entire supply chain ecosystem. 

If your IT capabilities are limited, the PartnerLinQ Managed Service team can handle all your cloud infrastructure management. This leads to a seamless experience for you. And since it’s a cloud-native platform, you get high reliability and multiple availability zone configurations of up to 99.997% uptime.

Core components you

can count on.

These core elements are what make connecting, harnessing, and optimizing your data possible. With shared data, visibility becomes your advantage. You can mitigate risks and build a resilient supply chain. Because when you can tap into real-time data, you can pull the insights and intelligence you need to help you make smarter decisions—and transform your supply chains for the better.

  • Data Catalogs
  • Prebuilt Configurable Process Flows
  • Data Applications
  • Digital Configuration Studios
  • ERP Integration Adapters
  • Curated AI/ML Models
  • Alerts
  • Scheduler
  • Data Grid (alerts)
  • Channel Integration Adapters
  • Prebuilt EDI Maps

The building blocks.

All of the core components are accessible through our unified UI and UX dashboard. It’s intuitive and easy to read. Once you’re up to speed you’ll be able to quickly get the information you want in no time. From analytics to AI, and scheduling to data visualization, they’re all here for you to tap into.

These elements give you the flexibility to pivot and respond intelligently, based on your needs and infrastructure. Our single integration environment is designed to fully support and integrate virtually any business environment.

Where it all happens.

The studio is where the magic takes place. You can set up dashboards based on user responsibility. Whether it’s tracking shipments, managing orders, or supply chain planning, we know the different roles each person plays in the business. So, we make it possible to set up and customize everyone’s dashboard the way they can be most efficient.

These core components sit within sets of studios. Think of them as toolboxes within the workbench that give you the tools to configure and create your ideal supply chain solution.


The PartnerLinQ platform boasts a user-friendly digital studio interface facilitating swift onboarding, while its extensive network expedites connections to the partner ecosystem. The Partner self-service and onboarding studio significantly diminishes the friction and cost associated with establishing and maintaining these connections.

At each transaction step between trading partners, the PartnerLinQ platform captures and maintains detailed information, swiftly locating and making it available for comprehensive business analysis and reporting. PartnerLinQ’s data fabric ensures actionable insights at the speed of execution.

With the ability to create dashboards and widgets, the PartnerLinQ platform empowers organizations to gain real-time, granular insights at every stage of the business process with partners—an essential element for promptly addressing business issues.

PartnerLinQ goes beyond mere transactional data exchange by providing real-time insights to all involved parties. This unique capability, coupled with integrated intelligent planning and forecasting applications, enables customers to respond effectively to supply chain disruptions, mitigating costs associated with inventory, canceled orders, and delayed chargebacks.

As a purpose-built, cloud-first platform, PartnerLinQ adeptly handles EDI while supporting non-EDI, API, and diverse forms of application integration within the enterprise.

How resilient and agile is your supply chain?

If you encounter unexpected disruptions, lack of automation, and changing consumer attitudes, you’re not alone.

PartnerLinQ makes it easy to integrate with legacy and cloud-based systems that allow you to increase productivity across your business’s workflows.

Want to see how PartnerLinQ connects all your information sources, including XML, JSON, EDI and Non-EDI, to reduce manual work substantially?

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Harnessing Hybrid Integration Strategies to Navigate the Complexities of Modern Supply Chains.

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